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About me

Born in Riga in 1993.

Already during my school years, I was especially interested in everything creative - art, fashion, design, music and literature. During my childhood I also learned to play the piano at the Riga 1st Music School. I continued my interest in audiovisual media arts, obtaining a bachelor's degree and a director's qualification from "RISEBA" university, while simultaneously studying material technology and design at the Riga Technical University.

In 2022, I completed the master's study program "Cultural Management" of the Latvian Academy of Culture. For me, the multifaceted education has allowed myself to find connections between different art forms, both in theory and in practice.


I have honed my practical skills at the Māra Muižniece School of Art, learning technical drawing, as well as in introductory fashion design illustration courses with Alina Grinpaukas. I have mostly developed my creative skills through self-learning, as well as by individually studying literature on art, especially painting techniques. Joining the art studio "2 Otas" in 2022 can be considered an important turning point in my creative path.


I draw inspiration from urban culture, especially the "rooftopping" movement, the digital world and technology, as well as the interaction of classical and modern cultural trends. I love to break the boundaries of traditional art by experimenting with new painting methods and media, so I jokingly associate myself with the the 21st century alchemist. In my works, contrary to the trends of the contemporary art world, I focus not only on the message of the artwork, but also on its aesthetics, thus merging the basic functions of art and design.

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